Hope for Orphans of Ethiopia

A Ministry born out of compassion for the orphan children of Ethiopia

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Two of the orphan kids from HOH with HOE Ministries Board member Diane Paz


Founder of HOH, Hanna Teshome with two kids

Rachel with two kids from HOH

Marima teaching kids to sew

"We think poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unloved, unwanted and uncared for is the greatest poverty" Mother Theresa.


HOE Ministries was founded by Tom Mustico in 2007 after a visit to Addis Ababa when he felt God's call to reach out to the orphans and helpless. We have several direct partnerships with ministries in Ethiopia: HOH Hanna's Orphan Home rescuing orphans and providing them with aftercare and empowering them with education and vocational training. In addition, we are partnered with Mekinessa Kale Hewet church providing care for 50 children with the MKH Child development project. In another part of Addis Ababa, we have partnered with Bethel Bakery Project, a bakery that helps provide for the helpless in Korah Leper village.


We endeavor to bring hope where there is no hope, light where there is darkness, dignity to those who have been exploited and deprived of their God given rights. We also have a board member living in Addis Ababa to help monitor all our projects in addition to our frequent annual visits.




Incredibly, Eyasu was living with his siblings in unspeakable conditions at a cemetery where his parents are buried. This photo was taken in 2007 when he and his sisters arrived at Hanna's Orphan's home. The expression on Eyasu's face speaks of their ordeal... The third photo was taken in 2013 after receiving the love, care and hope at HOH, our partner in Addis Ababa.



























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Eyasu  2013

Eyasu  2007

Eyasu's family

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"These children are not mere statistics -

they are children who would be lost if it wasn't for
the help given to them by people like you.
We must not fail the orphan children."


Tom Mustico, HOE Ministries